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Hong Kong Color Revolution
At first all these smoking guns..

Quote:Germs anti-Islam law (i.e. anti burka), applied to HKer!!!

[Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif][Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif]
17 Aug 2019

The Germany Police asked one Hongkonger to take off his mask when Hongkongers rally in support of Hongkong protest. Usually Hongkong protesters all wear black mask in Hongkong.

[Image: b4c80c57650bf655143edcc44551ed807e3e6e9f.png] ; ; ;
1. The Germany Police asked one Hongkonger to take off his mask when Hongkongers rally in support of Hongkong protest. Usually Hongkong protesters all wear black mask in Hongkong.

And finally, after a feigned four months of "weakness" and "leniency", the Empire (read: Skynet aka The MATRIX) drops the mask literally,  sort of speak! [Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif]

What was suspected from day one as the ulterior motive of the Empire is now confirmed.

Quote:MTR stations and bank vandalised as protesters rage against Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's anti-mask law

4 Oct, 2019

Hong Kong’s embattled government has announced plans to ban people from wearing masks at public assemblies, as it struggles to control the increasingly violent civil unrest gripping the city.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s administration, under mounting pressure from its political allies to put a stop to nearly four months of anti-government protests, imposed the ban on Friday through legislation by invoking a tough, colonial-era emergency law that has not been used in more than half a century.

Lam says she did not seek approval from Beijing to implement the law during her recent trip for the National Day celebrations and says legislation is a step towards resolving the situation and restoring stability to Hong Kong.

[Image: 6096a5a0a710369676c1ec34cab8b85bc9701e68.jpg] ; ;
2. Hong Kong braindead ziombie shills in action, in "criminalizing" the civilian facial mask!

Indeed, isolated events might be misleading and often meaningless, while the larger global picture over several decades, covering five continents is indisputable.

In this case, the latest Hong Kong development only echoes what has already been craftily implemented as clumsy tricks in the West and even mainland China!

Quote:QUOTE "CHN Bamboo", post: 11661536, member: 162838: You must have been hurt by Muslims.

- Have Muslim ever forced you to buy their Qie Gao(切糕) at a high price? Tongue


This 切糕 (Qiegao) conspiracy is at the core of all current developments in Xinjiang. Note that it used to be called 新疆骗子 in the past.

By searching the words "新疆切糕骗子"(Xinjiang Qiegao scammers) with google or youtube, once again, we see that the West's disinformation machine is enforcing a totalitarian blackout on this topics, in its ongoing proxy-war waged on China.

Meanwhile, searching in mandarin gives therefore a more better idea, such as baidu search:

Typical result:

•新疆切糕是如何骗人的 How does Xinjiang Qiegao deceive people?

•为什么新疆人骗人得不到公正的审判???他们卖切糕就是不对。 Why do Xinjiang criminals that deceive people can escape a fair trial? ? ? This scam is not right.

Soft video -without violent gory ending-
女子买切糕,发现被骗后要走,被卖方拦下无奈服从 The woman bought the Qiegao and found that she was going to be deceived but was stopped by the seller.

And indeed, for more than two decades, this has been allowed. Most often, the cheated customer ended up beaten by gangs of these professional scammers.

But when security personel at the entrance of long distance bus station for instance, seem to enjoy the beating instead of intervening, then one has the proof that it was from day one a well prepared and executed conspiracy.

Procedure of the conspiracy

To conduct nation wide, even in smaller towns, this violent scam, in order to antagonize the ethnic Uyghurs from all the other ethnic groups of China.

Conducted by small group of ethnic Uyghur male, up to ten.

Immunity from prosecution is assured by the authority.

Objective of the conspiracy

After one generation, it is expected that all Chinese of age 20 and above will have grown a genuine hostile feeling for ALL Uyghurs, and beyond, for all Muslems.

Without any sympathy left from the rest of the some 50 Chinese ethic groups, a ban on burka is made possible on the isolated Xinjiang ethnic Uyghurs!


This only echoes the conspiracy in Europe. For two decades, Muslems were singled-out for praying in the streets, or wearing hijab, or refusing to shake hands, or refusing to go to the swimming pools with there fellow schoolmates, or eating halal -refusing pork- at the canteen, or building minarets.

But, also, once marginalized, the delinquent teenagers would only be punished with a lenient sentence.

Soft video -without violent gory ending-
Ultraviolent aggression of an Asian Indochinese  (L’agression ultraviolente d’une Asiatique résolue grâce à la vidéosurveillance)

Today we know that all these "bad seeds", have in fact craftily been engineered en masse to form the backbone of the West's proxy armies as "ISIS" in their proxy-war waged on Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yaman and Iran!

And as these were supposed to die in the Middle East while carrying out the grand strategy of their European puppet masters, therefore the absolute interdiction for them to return to live in the West!

And the ban on burka is now unopposed in the West!

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]

Here the goal again clearly stated by the Empire's mouthpiece in implementing its frantic and reckless 24/7/365 ALL-CCTV 5G/6G Teraherz Big Brother Dystopian Totalitarian Orwellian Surveillance of all the world's masses, at the Ground level, complementing its already built multi-layered space, near space and airborne infrastructures:

Quote:I hope all CCTV cameras in Hong Kong are working well.

All these Loser rioters caught by the CCTV camera

will have ZERO future

They all will be tracked by Big Data AI
* using their unique face and unique physical gait.

All these Loser rioters have better start committing mass suicides and
burn themselves up to dust

If this thesis is true, then the prospect for the less industrialized nations seems bleak indeed.

One might expect that the next to be targeted in a row would be...Indochina!

See for yourself and decide!

[Image: 41692abe356340575436edd7b8f3c8d3d0354fef.jpg] ; ;
3. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 42d025df4518d2248e33a52e1b8938e931bef819.JPG] ; ;
4. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: c21ae0d6bd7c7ee1a9ea8676f3c26c4874e78c6c.jpg] ; ;
5. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 6cb8013c21222d35bf64b357201eff53e083d6e5.jpeg] ; ;
6. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: tootha_thumb.gif]
[Image: ?temp_hash=a1e6d940f63c1ef1a53f20fa46b82732]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

C.I.A. Anti-China Smearing Campaign Flayed

Never short of dirty clumsy tricks, now the C.I.A. is using astronomy image sharing forum to spread its disinformation!

Thus off-topics posts under the connivence and patronage of the moderators (read C.I.A.) are propagating Hong Kong protester shill's latest scam!

Try first to find the truth by yourself. The debunking will be posted at the end of this post.

Quote:Laser Pointer Light Show In Hong Kong

Taken by Anthony on August 7, 2019 @ Hong Kong


7th August 2019 is the Chinese Valentines Day that celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd (Altair) and weaver girl (Vega), which they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River (Milky Way) in mythology.

Keith Fong, the Student Union head of Hong Kong Baptist University, was arrested on 6th August night, after he purchasing ten laser pointers to use for 7th August Chinese Valentines Day star gazing event.

Police claim the laser pointers were ‘laser guns’ and charged the student with possession of ‘offensive weapons’, and demonstrated the newspaper catch fire after pointing directly for 10 seconds and 15 cm away.

Thousand of Hongkongers gathered outside the Hong Kong Space Museum on 7th August evening to create their own “laser show” to coincide with the nightly light show organised with by the Tourism Board.

Someone hold up a newspaper, hundreds of laser pointer pointing to it, to let people know laser pointers cannot catch fire unless in laboratory environmental conditions.

[Image: eb0a0bc5b4351ccb27fb7160e4e2eac09a832c37.jpg] ; ; ;
1. Scam: Someone hold up a newspaper, hundreds of laser pointer pointing to it, to let people know laser pointers cannot catch fire unless in laboratory environmental conditions.


"Someone hold up a newspaper, hundreds of laser pointer pointing to it, to let people know laser pointers cannot catch fire unless in laboratory environmental conditions. "

With hundreds of lasers as claimed, the total intensity should averaged less than 100 Watts, presuming that astronomy laser pointers vary from 100 mW to 1000 mW.

This is even enough to destroy an AA missile!

As 100 W/cm² of heat flux density can destroy AIM-9 missile and drone as produced by the U.S. Airborne Laser Lab (ALL) CO2 laser (480 kW, at 10,6 μm wavelength) mounted on a Boeing NKC-135.

Therefore the Hong Kong rioters-scammers have simply spread the targeting area to a near 0,36 m² newspaper, instead of the 1 cm² or even smaller area, that would have burned instantly as demonstrated by the police!

Q.E.D. low IQs

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

[Image: 3d84835b0e0ec9cb871d2356399e995abd5d62f3.gif]

GERM, post: 11814314, member: 140273 Wrote:You are off topic!

Pls don’t post!

Facial recognition AI is not off topic. Indochina is currently a non-compliant nation due to the extensive use of facial masks. As an ASEAN member, anti-facial mask legislation will follow soon accordingly.

Moreover, Indochina is selfie addicted. This is what the official european state television France 2 has presented on 10 October 2019 in its program "Envoyé spécial" as the first step toward a numerical totalitarian state!

Below is only another illustration of the level of informations that CCTVs and selfie can contain, and that are feeding the Skynet sentient Global World AI Matrix:

Quote:Obsessed fan finds Japanese idol's home by zooming in on her eyes

Oct 09, 2019

Did you know that high-resolution phone cameras can expose more than just pimples and pores? You might be revealing your location to internet predators without even realising it.

Japanese idol Ena Matsuoka was attacked outside her home last month after a fan figured out her address from selfies she posted on social media — just by zooming in on the reflection on her pupils, according to media reports.

The fan, Hibiki Sato, 26, managed to identify a bus stop and the surrounding scenery from the reflection on Matsuoka's eyes and matched them to a street using Google Maps.

Sato had even approximated the storey Matsuoka lived on based on the windows and the angle of the sunlight in her eyes.

Matsuoka, 21, a member of the J-pop group Tenshitsukinukeniyomi (天使突抜ニ読ミ), was attacked outside her home in Tokyo on Sept 1 by Sato, who had been waiting at a bus stop.

She had just reached her door when Sato approached her from behind, covering her mouth with a piece of cloth.

He dragged her to a dark corner and molested her, injuring her face in the struggle.

Sato admitted to the attack after he was arrested on Sept 17 and revealed that he was a huge fan of Matsuoka.

Fans of J-pop groups have called for better protection of female idols after several high-profile stalking and assault cases in recent years.

Maho Yamaguchi, ex-member of pop group NGT48, spoke out in January about an alleged assault in which two men entered her home and tackled her.

Japan also revised its anti-stalking laws to cover online harassment after singer Mayu Tomita was stabbed dozens of times by a stalker.

Tomita had tried to report her stalker 12 days before the attack, but police dismissed the threat.

[Image: bbf91701e9506184db981e309e0dd88ebfa36619.jpg] ; ; ; ; ;
1. Geolocation made possible from selfie by zooming in on the reflection on pupils: Ena Matsuoka was geolocated by Hibiki Sato.

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

ARMalik, post: 11812817, member: 188037 Wrote:Well I am very, very disappointed with China and it leadership since they have allowed little insignificant mosquitoes to hold such a large country hostage.


Alas, this is only what the ruling deluded european fools wants their lower IQs to believe.

On the contrary, the Chinese leadership has no stakes in these doomed tiny islets, knowing that 7.44 million (2019) is of no significance when facing the mainland's 1.43 Billion Chinese people.

President Xi and the CCP have already accepted the fact that the Hong Kong SAR, part of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) will not survive the global meltdown of the polar ice caps.

The Chinese central government planners have therefore decided to focus their attention on developing the safer hinterland, with the highest altitude in the world of the Qing–Zang Plateau, averaging an elevation exceeding 4500 metres and with peaks exceeding 8000 meters, that will see all other minor nations being submerged, from afar.

Quote:Scientists Discover Evidence for Past High-Level Sea Rise

Monday, September 2, 2019

Scientists have discovered evidences for past high-level sea rise at current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

According to the SciTechDaily reports, scientists from the University of New Mexico, the University of South Florida, Universitat de les Illes Balears and Columbia University published their findings in today’s edition of the journal Nature.

Scientists believed that the analysis of deposits from Artà Cave on the island of Mallorca in the western Mediterranean Sea produced sea levels that serve as a target for future studies of ice sheet stability, ice sheet model calibrations and projections of future sea-level rise.

The project focused on cave deposits known as phreatic overgrowths on speleothems. The deposits form in coastal caves at the interface between brackish water and cave air each time the ancient caves were flooded by rising sea levels. In Artà Cave, which is located within 100 meters of the coast, the water table is – and was in the past – coincident with sea level, says Professor Joan J. Fornós of Universitat de les Illes Balears.

The scientists discovered, analyzed, and interpreted six of the geologic formations found at elevations of 22.5 to 32 meters above present sea level. Careful sampling and laboratory analyses of 70 samples resulted in ages ranging from 4.4 to 3.3 million years old BP (Before Present), indicating that the cave deposits formed during the Pliocene epoch. The ages were determined using uranium-lead radiometric dating in UNM’s Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory.

One key interval of particular interest during the Pliocene is the mid-Piacenzian Warm Period – some 3.264 to 3.025 million years ago – when temperatures were 2 to 3º Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels. “The interval also marks the last time the Earth’s atmospheric CO2 was as high as today, providing important clues about what the future holds in the face of current anthropogenic warming,” said USF Department of Geosciences Professor Bogdan Onac.

This study found that during this period, global mean sea level was as high as 16.2 meters (with an uncertainty range of 5.6 to 19.2 meters) above present. This means that even if atmospheric CO2 stabilizes around current levels, the global mean sea level would still likely rise at least that high, if not higher, the scientists concluded. In fact, it is likely to rise higher because of the increase in the volume of the oceans due to rising temperature.

The authors also measured sea level at 23.5 meters higher than present about four million years ago during the Pliocene Climatic Optimum, when global mean temperatures were up to 4°C higher than pre-industrial levels. “This is a possible scenario if active and aggressive reduction in greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is not undertaken,” added Columbia University Assistant Professor Jacky Austermann, a member of the research team.

Below a map with the new coast line of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), with 23 meters higher sea level, associated with the current atmospheric CO2 level and a temperature 4°C higher than pre-industrial levels:

Macao, Zhuhai, Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguang, and large part of Hong Kong SAR will vanish.

[Image: e25a640f93b98e8c9599f2173ed68cbee73a387b.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain] ;
1. Greater Bay Area (GBA)'s coast line with 23.5 meters higher sea level.

Below a map with the new coast line of the Hong Kong SAR, with 23 meters higher sea level, associated with the current atmospheric CO2 level and a temperature 4°C higher than pre-industrial levels:

Large part will vanish, including Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Yaumatei, Lai Chi Kok, Chek Lap Kok, Disneyland, Tuen Men, Tai Tong, Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Sheung Shui, Sha Tin, etc.

[Image: a58d290edef6b44bee3b86671b2d6a6da9bf15b9.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain] ;
2. Hong Kong SAR's coast line with 23.5 meters higher sea level.

But this scenario is only the mildest hypothesis. As the rise of 4 degrees is now challenged by temperatures rise of even 7.0 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial level!

Keeping in mind that the French past modelization only failed in its accuracy, with heatwaves occurring 30 years earlier than initially predicted!

Quote:Earth to warm more quickly, new climate models show

Tue Sep 17, 2019

Greenhouse gases thrust into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels are warming Earth's surface more quickly than previously understood, according to new climate models set to replace those used in current UN projections, scientists said Tuesday.

By 2100, average temperatures could rise 6.5 to 7.0 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels if carbon emissions continue unabated, separate models from two leading research centers in France showed.

That is up to two degrees higher than the equivalent scenario in the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change's (IPCC) 2014 benchmark 5th Assessment Report.

The new calculations also suggest the Paris Agreement goals of capping global warming at "well below" two degrees, and 1.5C if possible, will be harder to reach, the scientists said.

"With our two models, we see that the scenario known as SSP1 2.6 — which normally allows us to stay under 2C — doesn't quite get us there," Olivier Boucher, head of the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace Climate Modelling Center in Paris, told AFP.

With barely one degree Celsius of warming so far, the world is already coping with increasingly deadly heat waves, droughts, floods and tropical cyclones made more destructive by rising seas.

A new generation of 30-odd climate models known collectively as CMIP6 — including the two unveiled Tuesday — will underpin the IPCC's next major report in 2021.

"CMIP6 clearly includes the latest modeling improvements," even as important uncertainties remain, Joeri Rogelj, an associate professor at Imperial College London and an IPCC lead author, told AFP.

These include increased supercomputing power and sharper representations of weather systems, natural and man-made particles, and how clouds evolve in a warming world.

"We have better models now," said Boucher. "They have better resolution, and they represent current climate trends more accurately."

'Tipping points'

A core finding of the new models is that increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will warm Earth's surface more easily than earlier calculations had suggested.

If confirmed, this higher "equilibrium climate sensitivity," or ECS, means humanity's carbon budget — our total emissions allowance — is likely to shrink.

The French models are among the first to be released, but others developed independently have come to the same unsettling conclusion, Boucher confirmed.

"The most respected ones — from the United States, and Britain's Met Office — also show a higher ECS" than the previous generation of models, he said.

This is bad news for fight against global warming, which continues to face strong political headwinds and institutional inertia despite a rapid crescendo of public awareness and concern.

"A higher ECS means a greater likelihood of reaching higher levels of global warming, even with deeper emissions cuts," Boucher and two British scientists — Stephen Belcher from the UK Met Office and Rowan Sutton from the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science — wrote in a blog earlier this year, tiptoeing around the implications of the new models.

"Higher warming would allow less time to adapt and mean a greater likelihood of passing climate 'tipping points' such as thawing of permafrost, which would further accelerate warming."

A third to 99 percent of top-layer permafrost could melt by 2100 if carbon pollution is not abated, releasing billions of tones of greenhouse gases into the air, according to a draft IPCC special report on oceans and Earth's frozen zones obtained by AFP.

"Unfortunately, our global failure to implement meaningful action on climate change over recent decades has put us in a situation where what we need to do to keep warming to safe levels is extremely simple," said Rogelj.

"Global greenhouse gas emissions need to decline today rather than tomorrow, and global CO2 emissions should be brought to net zero."

The 2014 basket of climate models show Earth warming on current trends an additional 3C by 2100, and at least 2C even if national carbon cutting pledges are all met.

The two French climate models, including one from France's National Centre for Meteorological Research (CNRM), were to be unveiled at a press conference in Paris.

These climatic refugees, who's ancestors fled south, would now have to resettle to the north.

The Hong Kongers will beg shamelessly China to let them enter and save their miserable lives!

[Image: northkorea.jpg] ; ;
3. Sea level: paradise on Earth!

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Pavements and Riots

Prior to the 1997 handover, sidewalks in Hong Kong were made of concrete.

Then slowly, each square feet have been replaced with the shoddy brick sidewalks most common in the mainland and also Taiwan island....

This while the French have systematically removed the Paris capital's sett paving, right after the 1968 riots, replacing them by asphalt.

Going against the trend of the time, that was to be expected.

[Image: 8d52faa583799428877a5e94222cb5265b4e71e9.jpg] ; ; ;
1.  Hong Kong brick sidewalks: a projectiles store for rioters.

[Image: scr.png] ; ; ;
2. Projectiles available everywhere under one's feet.

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

GERM, post: 11696423, member: 140273 Wrote:The HKer can seek refugee status in Indochina. There is a stat somewhere: the HKer have the world’s highest IQ. We can need them Big Grin

How to read statistics? Obviously, the German (or Viking, whatever) impersonating an "Indochinese" poster, does not understand anything.

It is only the mean value, a few HKer will score higher than that mean IQ value, while some others will be rated lower than that mean IQ value!

And indeed, those who are rioting, like the wine lees, only stay at the bottom of the society, both socially, economically and professionally as a result of their lower than average IQ. Meaning they might even have a lower IQ than the average Cochinchinese peasant, yes you read it, such as you wouldn't even want them in Indochina!

[Image: 09d5c3adf1bd1013f41e2ad9647dcf8b19e450d1.gif] ; ; ;
1. Lower IQ HKer with average rioter's IQ backfiring!

[Image: 8b9ad9baddb5674b5fcdcee0374f56c104bb266f] ; ; ; ;
2. Same cause same effect: genetically lower IQ HKer with average rioter's IQ at it again, backfiring!

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Casualties Of Previous Hong Kong Riots

Hong Kong 1956 riots

The "Double Tens" riot was the bloodiest riot in Hong Kong's history. On October 10, 1956, pro-KMT mobs attacked Kowloon and Tsuen Wan on a large scale, killing 60 people and injuring more than 300 people. Since the incident occurred mainly in Kowloon, it is also known as the Kowloon Riot.

Due to their defeat in the civil war, many KMT supporters fled south to Hong Kong. October 10 is the National Day of the "Republic of China", also known as the "Double Ten Festival." In the "Double Ten Festivals" of 1956, the mobs violently robbed the staff of the Municipal Health Bureau under the impetus of the Kuomintang agents, during which time they set fire, robbed and raped women. Fritz Ernst, the deputy consul of the Swiss Consulate in Hong Kong, and his wife were attacked by a right-wing mob, causing serious injuries to the consul and the death of his wife.

During the riots, the right-wing thugs once occupied some streets in Hong Kong and forced the public to purchase the "blue sky, white sun and red soil flag" before release. The flag's original price of 5 cents was raised to 20 HKD. The violent acts of the mob caused public outrage. The Hong Kong government, with the assistance of the British army, quelled the riots on November 14. At this time, the Kuomintang members and their supporters were arrested and the right-wing riot forces were basically eliminated.

Hong Kong 1967 riots

The Hong Kong 1967 riots originated as a minor labour dispute, the tensions later grew into large scale demonstrations against British colonial rule. Demonstrators clashed violently with the Hong Kong Police Force.

The 1967 riots were the colony's worst ever riots since the Second World War.
According to the statistics by the Hong Kong government, 51 people had been killed, of whom 15 died in bomb attacks, with 832 people sustaining injuries, while 4979 people were arrested and 1936 convicted.

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


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