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FAILURE: SpaceIL Falcon 9 Block 5 / Beresheet Mission: 11th April 2019
FAILURE: SpaceIL Falcon 9 Block 5 / Beresheet Mission: 11th April 2019

How gullible these propagandists and especially their audience could be!
[Image: 5.gif]

Quote:November 19, 2018 , 3:15 pm

Israel? A space superpower? Indeed.

But now, Israel is about to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon, thus joining the three superpowers – the US, Russia and China – that have done already done so.
Quote:The trip is scheduled to last seven weeks, with the Beresheet due to touch down on April 11.
Beware SpaceIL, remember the Tortoise and Hare? North Korea could launch during the week of Monday, April 15, 2019, on the occasion of the Day Of The Sun its first ever astronaut into a suborbital spaceflight!

Meaning that Kim Jong Un's Korea would be the next space power to join the three superpowers!

Mar 08,2019

Activity was recently spotted at North Korea’s Sanumdong research facility, associated with the country’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program, revealed Suh Hoon, the director of the South’s National Intelligence Service (NIS).

The JoongAng Ilbo reported Thursday that Suh told lawmakers following a closed-door meeting at the National Assembly Tuesday that vehicles transporting supplies were spotted at the Sanumdong facility and “were seen as missile-related activities.”

Sanumdong, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, is a key military site where at least two Hwasong-15 ICBMs, which could potentially reach the U.S. mainland, were manufactured.|newslist1

No need to precise that a Hwasong-15 derived SLV could sent an astronaut into a 20 minutes suborbital flight, from a TEL and any airfield, without the need of any suppoting space center.

[Image: wPFfi0W.jpg] ; ; ;
1. Internet illustration of DPRK manned space launcher. 2019

[Image: 20190307-01-12.jpg] ; ; ; ; 제34차 평양시과학기술축전 진행 ;  주체108(2019)년 3월 7일 ; 학생가방장식인쇄용 채인쇄잉크
2. DPRK manned spaceflight attempt imminent!

So now, the race for the 4th place as a space superpower is on, with two contenders! Between a lunar landing and a manned spaceflight!

[Image: 4.gif]
[Image: North_Korea.gif][Image: Iran.gif][Image: North_Korea.gif][Image: Iran.gif][Image: North_Korea.gif][Image: Iran.gif][Image: North_Korea.gif][Image: Iran.gif]

[Image: hsa_thumb.gif]
[Image: ?temp_hash=a1e6d940f63c1ef1a53f20fa46b82732]
[Image: cool_thumb.gif]
[Image: djm5Z8u.jpg] ; ; ;
1. Coincidence ? I think not!

[Image: CrystalBall2.gif]


I told you a month ago, "never sell the bear's skin before one has killed the beast".

Beresheet is no more, it crashed on the lunar surface.

At 19:20 UTC, the descent module vertical speed started to turn YELLOW after main engine failure (60.1 m/s, previously ~25m/s), at an 10,124 meters altitude.

Then at 19:21 UTC, the descent module vertical speed turned RED, reaching 79.6m/s, at a 8236 meter altitudes, then 134.3m/s before the end of all telemetric retransmission.

[Image: ImlHqI7.png] ; ; ;
1. Then at 19:21 UTC, the descent module vertical speed turned RED, reaching 79.6m/s, at a 8236 meter altitudes, then 134.3m/s before the end of all telemetric retransmission.

The original planned touch down as displayed in Ben Gurion Airport Flight Timetable: 22:28 UTC+3

[Image: u3jdaoP.png] ; ;
2. Flight IAI SPACE, Coming from MOON, Scheduled time 11/04 22:00, Estimated time 22:28, Terminal 3, Status LANDING. Ben Gurion Airport Flight Timetable: 22:24 UTC+3.

Then simply deleted from the list at 22:28 UTC+3 to spare the humiliation of having to announce the crash of the flight !

[Image: 8xsZw4k.png] ; ;
3. Flight IAI SPACE, Coming from MOON DELETED! Ben Gurion Airport Flight Timetable: 22:28 UTC+3

[Image: iyjvlLl.jpg] ;
4. Coincidence? I think not!


Game Over, spaceflight is one of the most difficult technological challenge, not a stunt for the dilettante. [Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif]

One can not skip ALL the incremental steps required to perform such a complex space mission successfully without consequence.

Don't forget that the Google X Prize stunt was aimed at belittling China's manned space achievement ("see everybody, even 3 German expats in Shanghai or Team Tibet can launch a man into space, it's that easy"), then Google Lunar X Prize to further overlook the achievement of China's Lunar landing.

Today this decade long farce is finally over. China is rightfully recognized as the space superpower it is. And Israel, the minor power it always was and will be. Not to mention all the bogus other teams.

But the epoch making month of April is not over, North Korea will surprise the world with its own technological prowess, so stay tuned! As the real and undisputed 4th space superpower.

[Image: JpOMGnZ.jpg]
5. Korean-style epoch making month of April 2019.

[Image: hsa_thumb.gif]
[Image: ?temp_hash=a1e6d940f63c1ef1a53f20fa46b82732]
[Image: cool_thumb.gif]

Vikram's Impact Crater, Ejecta And Wreckage

According to the ISRO's propaganda wording on 18th September 2019, the Vikram lander, in its ‘last moment’ of impacting the lunar surface on September 7 has helped expose subsurface material.

This sheer sophistry cannot conceal what was known from day one by ISRO, that the crash had caused an artificial crater big enough to be photographed by the orbiter.

Quote:Vikram could not play its intended role of achieving a soft-landing and enabling the robotic rover Pragyan to roll out, to conduct lunar surface exploration, its hard impact on the lunar surface has left a little crater, big enough for Chandrayaan-2’s powerful Imaging Infra-Red Spectrometer (IIRS)

Quote:Another ISRO scientist said Vikram, weighing 1,471 kg (245 kg on moon as its gravity is one-sixth that of earth’s), would have raised a considerable lunar dust plume on impacting the lunar surface near the south pole although the velocity with which it impacted was much less than that of the MIP, weighing 34 kg (5.6 kg on moon).

And indeed, its Chandrayaan-2 orbiter 0.3 meter ground resolution camera has imaged the wreckage, but refusing to make it public and waiting for the U.S. NASA LRO orbiter to take image of only 1 meter resolution only shows the desperation of ISRO to fool the world masses!

Below the ejecta left after the Israeli lander Beresheet crashed on the lunar surface on 11 April 2019, as imaged from the LRO orbiter. Extending over 100 meters, indeed large enough to be spotted.

[Image: content_BeresheetImpact_1100px.gif] ; ; ;
1. The Beresheet impact occurred on 11 April 2019 and LRO passed overhead 11 days later.

2019: A Chinese Space Odyssey

19 September 2019

China's lunar exploration program has released images that give us a glimpse of the mysterious artifact discovered on the far side of the moon.

Yutu-2, the lunar rover for China's Chang'e-4 mission, grabbed attention last month after its drive team spotted something unusual while roving close to a small crater. The Chinese-language science outreach publication Our Space, which announced the findings on Aug. 17, used the term "胶状物" (jiao zhuang wu), which can be translated as "gel-like." This notion sparked wide interest and speculation among lunar scientists.

Scientists have now gotten a look at that curious material, thanks to a post (Chinese) released over the weekend by Our Space via its WeChat social media account. Along with new images of the stuff on the moon, the post details how the Yutu-2 team carefully approached the crater in order to analyze the specimen, despite risks.

[Image: 640?wx_fmt=jpeg&tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1&wx_co=1] ; ; ; ; ;
1. China's Yutu-2 moon rover captured this image from the edge of the small crater where it found a mysterious artifact.

[Image: ZzNCvG3.gif] ; ;
1. 2019: A Chinese Space Odyssey.

[Image: hsa_thumb.gif]
[Image: ?temp_hash=a1e6d940f63c1ef1a53f20fa46b82732]
[Image: cool_thumb.gif]


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