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General thread to discuss developments and news of Iran's air defences.

Omidiyeh Air Base, Khuzestan Province visited by Commander of Artesh Major General Mousavi:

Quote:- Mersad air defense system سامانه پدافندي مرصاد
- Tabas air defense system سامانه پدافندي طبس
- Raad air defense system سامانه پدافندي رعد
- Fath 2 air defense system سامانه پدافندي فتح دو
- S-300 PMU2 air defense system سامانه پدافندي اس سيصد پي ام يو دو ساخت روسيه

- Saeqeh fighter jet جنگنده صاعقه
- F-5 fighter jet جنگنده اف پنج ساخت آمريكا
[Image: r.png]

[Image: r2.png]
Persian Gulf Air Defense HQ inaugurated in Bushehr

The “Persian Gulf Air Defense Headquarters” officially started its mission in a ceremony attended by Commander of Iran's Army Major General Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi.

The center is equipped with the latest homegrown control and surveillance technologies with the capacity to help keep a better watch on the region.

The southern-based air defense forces of the Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps will be under the direct command of the Persian Gulf Air Defense Headquarters.

[Image: 3259330.jpg]
MIM-23 Hawk
[Image: EGRHZGTXk-AA5-SWy.jpg]

[Image: EGRHZGZW4-AAgc-LM.jpg]

Kihan radar

[Image: 70181763-383826612504203-1337399591173471445-n.jpg]

Tabas with latest Taer-2-variant missiles
[Image: EGRGs-BFWw-AEUFbw.jpg]

Tor-M1 SAM system
[Image: EGRGm-LCWw-AAk-Gn0.jpg]

[Image: EGRHExn-XUAAWe2e.jpg]

[Image: EGRHExu-Ws-AAIDSZ.jpg]
Iran Army air defense downs intruding foreign drone ( UAV) over southern port city of Mahshahr


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