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Hello, This Thread is for introducing Iranian made products

Nice idea. I think you can just add YouTube videos in and they automatically embed btw Smile

International Agriculture Equipment Exhibition (drones, combine harvester):

Powder Metallurgy (IPMC):

Assembly line of 8 new indigenous (civilian/military) batteries:

Quote:The new batteries, designed and manufactured by local experts, meet all international standards, the minister said.

One of the advanced batteries is compatible with the ‘Aras ارس’ tactical military vehicle, while another one is designed especially for Iranian speedboats.

According to General Hatami, the new batteries have a longer durability and are suitable for special-purpose vehicles that require multiple ignitions in a short time.

One of the other homegrown batteries has been designed for vehicles operating in hot weather and tropical areas, and can resist temperatures as high as 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit).

The defense minister also unveiled three types of industrial batteries used for heavy and super-heavy lift trucks.

In September 2018, the Defense Ministry had unveiled two plants manufacturing new generations of industrial and vehicle batteries. The factories can produce more than 6 million vehicle batteries and 1 million small batteries with application in military industry each year.

HMK domestic made rehabilitation equipment for veterans/disabled/elderly:

4 new private sector UAVs:

Quote:“Iranian-made drones are used in various fields of agriculture and surveying, and they have been welcomed by various industries and organisations as many of the time-consuming and costly tasks are facilitated by these drones,” underlined Sattari.

- A light surveillance drone equipped with a thermal camera was one of these unveiled achievements. This UAV is equipped with day and night camera and triaxial image recorder. It can fly for 60 minutes nonstop.

- Another product was an specialized mapping drone that does not need ground control points. This drone can fly for 90 minutes and is equipped with a PPK-RTK positioning system to accurately capture image centers. Its maximum speed is 120 kph which can be used for offline and on-the-fly missions. This UAV can automatically return to its starting point.

- Specialized Mapping Drone that does not need ground control points (GEN-X2) is another unveiled product that can fly for 60 minutes. It is equipped with a 2-megapixel mirrorless camera.

- Another UAV was the solar one that features a 4-hour flight continuity. It weighs 1.2 kg and has a flight limit of 10,000 feet.

- An application for commercialization of drones and three other achievements in this field were also introduced at this exhibition.

Fifty knowledge-based companies and start-ups active in drone-related areas have participated in this event.

Indigenous LR SAM AD system (Bavar 373):

Superior to Russian s-300 AD system. 

Factory for paper notebook manufacturing:

Cooling units and radiators:

Jet fan systems manufacturing:

Artificial synthetic leather manufacturer:

Several videos and pictures in above link
[Image: c.png]

[Image: d.png]

[Image: d2.png]

[Image: eng.png]

[Image: eng2.png]

[Image: m.png]

[Image: m2.png]

[Image: m3.png]

[Image: m4.png]

[Image: m5.png]

[Image: ram.png]

Wow... So much progress!
Iran made Hengam combined cycle power plant

F Class, Under construction, Bandar Abbas - another MAPNA project

Noura Company, Fusion Metal 3D Laser Printer, Isfahan:



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