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Thread for general discussion of Iranian drones.

Iran Haunted vultures hostile drones fair, RQ-170, MQ-1B, Hermes 200, MQ-4C
Quote:Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامي ايران) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh سرتيپ امير علي حاجي زاده highlighted Iran’s progress in defense industries and said the Islamic Republic is the most powerful country in the region in the field of missiles.

“Today, forty years after the Islamic Revolution, we have seen tremendous progress in various areas, especially the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),” Brigadier General Hajizadeh told reporters in Tehran on Saturday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the top five countries in the world that manufacture drones, the commander added.

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: 2.png]

[Image: 3.png]
I wonder when the next generations of Shahed-129 will get unveiled?
also what happened to project sofre-mahi? was it a UCAV? a fighter jet ? what was it?
(09-21-2019, 07:00 PM)haman10 Wrote: I wonder when the next generations of Shahed-129 will get unveiled?
also what happened to project sofre-mahi? was it a UCAV? a fighter jet ? what was it?
They already showed 2-3 generations (including S-129D with satcom), I'm not sure anything major is imminent in terms of next gen of s-129.

As for sofreh mahi, I have a feeling they abandoned that in favour of saeqeh/simorgh after they gained access to the RQ-170.
A blog [] published a good overview of the different Iranian drones known to the public. Some are not IRGC drones but for simplicity I will add the list here in the separate categories and add photos for each type in time.

Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Operational:

[Image: ab3.jpg]

[Image: farp.jpg]

Mohajer-1 (decommissioned)
[Image: m1.jpg]

[Image: m2.jpg]

[Image: m2n.jpg]

[Image: m4.jpg]

[Image: s1.jpg]

Shahed 121
[Image: s121.png]

Shahed 191 ''Saegheh'' (numerous versions exist; S-191 is jet-powered with an internal weapons bay)
[Image: s171.jpg]

[Image: s171s.png]

Yasir ''Sayed-2'' (Based on U.S. Scan Eagle drone technology)
[Image: yasir.jpg]

Sayeh ''Kavosh'' (Indigenous copy of the U.S. Scan Eagle)
[Image: kav.jpg]
Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Prototypes:

[Image: bab.jpg]

[Image: chamrosh.jpg]

[Image: f102.jpg]

[Image: f-230.png]

[Image: m92.jpg]

[Image: n2.jpg]

[Image: robin.png]

S-125 (indigenous copy of U.S. RQ-7 Shadow)
[Image: s125.jpg]

[Image: s171.jpg]

VCTU 133
[Image: VCTU.jpg]

Unknown 1 (unveiled in 2019):
[Image: unknown.png]

Unknown 2 (SAR/jamming payload)
[Image: SAR.jpg]

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles - Operational:

[Image: ab3.jpg]

[Image: hamas.png]

[Image: m6.jpg]

Shahed 123 (indigenous copy of Israeli Hermes 200)
[Image: s123.png]

Shahed 129 (S-129 and upgraded SATCOM S-129D)
[Image: S129.png]

[Image: S129D.png]

[Image: s191-1.png]

[Image: s191-3.jpg]

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles - Prototypes:

[Image: fotr.jpg]

Mobin (unveiled in 2019 at MAKS; LO suicide drone; 450km range; 120kg payload; TERCOM)
[Image: mobin.png]

[Image: mob-d.png]

[Image: sad1.jpg]

[Image: kar.jpg]

[Image: kaman12.jpg]

[Image: sarir.jpg]

S-171 (claimed capable of carrying 4 Sadid-345 PGMs)
[Image: s171.jpg]
exhibition of captured drones in Iran

Iran National Post Company, Post-Plus Postal Service, postal delivery with UAV, Quad chopper drone

I've heard the Samad 1 version of the Shahed 129 drone acts as a relay, allowing Iran to control other drones over large distances.

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