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2020 US Democratic Candidates on Foreign Policy
Latest Monmouth national poll (Oct 30-Nov 3; +/- 3.4% margin of error):

Biden 23% (-2)
Warren 23% (-5)
Sanders 20% (+5)

Bernie surges 5% whilst Biden and Warren drop. Bernie now in a statistical tie for first place given the 3.4% MOE. His national numbers look even better for the early primaries (before March 3rd). National polls don't matter as much as state-centric polls of course, but this is a good example of Bernie's surge.

Bernie was also the only Democratic candidate to receive the highest grade (A+) from Greenpeace USA in their new ratings of each candidate's environmental policies. 

Another poll asked voters who they trusted the most on a range of policy issues (environment, healthcare, etc) and Bernie was the top candidate for every single issue. 

That makes sense given his incredibly high favourability ratings. 


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