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North Korea's First SSBN
North Korea's First SSBN

North Korea is currently building simultaneously two new classes of submarines: two units of conventional propulsion SSBs, and one to possibly two units of nuclear propulsion SSNs.

North Korea's SSB

The first plan for a North Korean SSB with multiple ballistic missile launch tubes was started in 1995.

[Image: 2014091544327088.jpg] ;
1. This photo was taken on April 25, 1995, when General Kim Jong Il received the report of Kim Kwang Jin, the first deputy head of the People's Armed Forces, in front of the new submarine model. In April 1995, surprisingly, North Korea was also pursuing the construction of a nuclear-attack submarine using its own technology.

The "Narval" Class (일각고래: ILGAKKOLAE) SSB (a name I choosed for more clarity) is the first test bed for multiple ballistic missile launch tubes (up to 6 Pukguksong-1 SLBMs).

These 3,000-ton-class subs are currently under construction at the shipyards in Sinpo and Chongjin. They are about 76 meters long, and the hull are smaller than 10 meters in diameter. No anechoic tiles are to be applied.

[Image: 9e7fe34deff3dc40ee4ce9053134fa2cdcb4906b.jpg] ;
2. A 5th November 2017 satellite image showing a 7.1 meters diameter ring at North Korean Sinpo shipyard.

[Image: 1b2ff211073db948ec81b92745f66250ea3ec776.jpg] ;
3. Image from KCTV video 2019.

Quote:Origin Of The Project

July 24,2019

“If you look closely at the photo” of the submarine in the KCNA article, said Moon, “you can see there are dents that appeared to have been caused by water pressure.”

Moon, a former commander of a South Korean Navy submarine squadron, continued, “That’s a trace that normally can’t be found on a newly built submarine, which is why I think [North Korea] got a submarine from Russia and is now trying to build a missile launching tube in it.”

[Image: 23201858.jpg] ;
4. Several dents are apparently seen in the red circle. July 2019|newslist1

Video ;
5. [혁명활동소식] 경애하는 최고령도자 김정은동지께서 새로 건조한 잠수함을 돌아보시였다​ [2019-07-23]

New North Korean Nuclear Deterrent

Completing the North Korean nuclear duad along its TEL launched ICBMs, this new "Narval" Class SSB should give the DPRK a true seaborn deterrent undersea for the first time, and needed in conducting any credible second-strike.

The "Narval" class SSB allows the DPRK to join as the sixth member the world most elite club of great thermonuclear powers with strategic submarines.

[Image: 96d21a69c6136db729b83e776b3d03dbd19fca01.jpg] ;
6. North Korean submarines 2019. Artistic illustration.

[Image: ZxAHOaY.jpg] ;
7. The DPRK's "Narval" Class (일각고래: ILGAKKOLAE) SSB should have enough room to carry up to 6 Pukguksong-1 SLBMs. July 2019

According to the following source, we should see the first sea trial by 9th September 2019. And probably delayed from the initial 2018 anniversary date as it was a crucial peace negociation year.
Quote:IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

30 August 2016

the construction of a new class of submarine ... to be completed by 9 September 2018 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation, would be capable of firing two or three ballistic missiles, said the paper.

North Korea's First SSN

[Image: 979e937cd1570dcf4ae256863c976a3b1ad37097.jpg]; ; ; ;
8. A 24th September 2016 satellite image showing a 10 meters diameter ring at North Korean Sinpo shipyard.

A 10 meters diameter ring spotted on 24th September 2016 satellite imagery is related to the "Stingray" Class SSNs (a name I choosed for more clarity). Anechoic tiles should be expected. An improved classified screw is designed for lowering the cavitation.
The two SSN are 10,000-ton-class submarines built in the shipyard in Sinpo, South Hamkyong Province, and the first test beds for nuclear powered submarines.

North Korea's First SSBN

The third class to be built will be the merger of these two classes, as the final "Orca" class SSBN (a name I choosed for more clarity). It will carry 14 Pukguksong-3 SLBMs with striking range above 4000 km. This project was started in 2012. Ensuring stealthyness will be critical.

[Image: oXw05ph.jpg] ; ;
9. Undated image of an Iranian "Orca" class SSBN, with 14 SLBM.

[Image: cza_thumb.gif]
[Image: kim_jung_un_clapping.gif]
Cool[Image: cool_thumb.gif]

Agreed with the above. NK's progress with submarines is very impressive.

SLBMs don't really make sense for non-nuclear Iran, so it's not a priority. But mastering the VLS tech (as indicated has occurred by Khanzadi on Damavand-2 + vertical launch Bavar 373) would be a good step forward and preparation for that.
Iran can gain significant tech if they collaborate with the DPRK on a large blue water diesel electric boat with BM capability. Specifically that Narwal class shown above by the OP. This is very important for Iran as a next step after the Fateh.
I go along with the North Korea missels plan on there subs
Jordan robert

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