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Today Iran celebrates National Army Day with parade.

Zulfikar 3 MBTs

[Image: 1_19_04_19_12_53_54.png]

[Image: 1_19_04_19_12_59_18.png]

Video clip of Iran army parade

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A senior Iranian military commander says the Army's Ground Forces are to unveil new military hardware, including armored vehicles, armor piercing weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare equipment.
Speaking to reporters in Tehran on Monday, Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the achievements will be showcased during a military parade on Thursday on the occasion of the National Army Day.
During the parade, the Iranian Army's Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base will also display the S-300 missile defense system, the domestically-manufactured high-altitude and solid-fuel Sayyad 2 (Hunter II) missiles, Sayyad 3 (Hunter III) missiles, short-range and long-range radars and electronic warfare systems, he added.
The senior commander noted that the Iranian Army will also use its Saeqeh, Raad and Azarakhsh aircraft and perform aerial refueling operations on Thursday.
Heidari said Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in the technology needed to manufacture armored and anti-armor equipment, artillery, drones and helicopters.
The Iranian Army’s Ground Forces plans to sign an agreement with Defense Ministry to get Karrar (Striker) tanks, which constitute Iran's most advanced domestically-built tank that is also among the most powerful tanks in the world, he added.
In March 2017, Iran unveiled its most advanced domestically-manufactured tank of amphibious mobility for induction into the country's armored assets.
Press TV
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08 April 2019 Tehran - Iran's Supreme National Security Council has labelled American military forces as terrorist organisation," Iran's state-run TV reported on Monday.
This move is response to today's Trump announcement in which He declare Islamic Republic Guard Corps(IRGC) foreign terrorist organization, move which many in US administration opposed.This is first time that some country armed forces are designated as terrorist organization, US administrations have used their list of terrorist organization as weapon and political tool against different organization but this is first time they use it against country armed forces. Many believe this move is counter productive and will harm US armed forces in region. Situation where US and Iran designates each other armed forces as terrorist organization is very danger and can escalate even more.
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Sepah navy Special Forces  or SNSF, is special unit in the IRGC Navy. It is stationed in the Greater Farur Island of Persian Gulf.SNFS unit has marines, frogmen and snipers specializing in heliborne, amphibious warfare and naval boarding
The SNSF unit was deployed to Gulf of Aden In anti-piracy mission in 2012, the unit performed a 117-days operation in anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia. According to multiple sources SNSF unit has cooperated with the American forces in anti-piracy operations, and American Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk did reconnaissance flights for the unit's boat.

SNSF training in China

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IAEA Ratifies Iran's Compliance with Nuclear Deal
Tehran, Apr 3  (IMF-Iran Military Forum) The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) general director, Yukiya Amano, yesterday on 03 April ratified Iran''s compliance with the JCPOA or better known as Iran nuclear deal signed in 2015.

Amano noted,in his speech before the IAEA plenary, that the Islamic Republic of Iran honors its commitments to the JCPOA,so he rejected and  disqualified the pretexts,the United States of America used  to withdraw from the international nuclear agreement.

Yukiya Amano pointed,since 2015 to date, the Government of Islamic republic Iran has allowed, without any restrictions, the IAEA inspectors to access all Islamic Republic of Iran nuclear facilities.

Amano also rejected claims about the development of a nuclear weapons in Iran's nuclear energy program with peaceful ends.

JCPOA is signed by Iran and the Group 5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China plus Germany), and the deal restrict Iran uranium enrichment to only 3.67 percent and also limit amount of fissionable material iran can store at any moment. According to deal Tehran could not store more than 300 kilograms of fissionable material and all  surplus is sent to Russia.
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IMF 03 April 2019 - Iran
It is confirmed yesterday that China and Russia agreed to help Iran to modernize it's armed forces, acording to high ranking sources in Russia,China and Iran armed forces Iran will buy not only aircrafts but wide range of weapons and defense systems.It is still unclear what exactlly types of weapons Iran will buy,Russian sources reveal that weapons deal include aircrafts,helicopters,missile defense systems and other equipment for ground force and navy and said that deal is worth more than 10.8$ billion. Source from China told that IR Iran and China will sign deal worth 3.8$ billion of weapons sales.
news is confirmed from multiple sources on all 3 sides but still, as explained negotiations are still underway and we will know more in comming days.
Potential weapons sale from Russia could be Su 30/34/35 ,mig-35,mil mi-28,T-90MBT..this is what was discussed earlier,while from China J-10 and JF17 could be option even one source confuse us with claim that JH-7 is also discussed...There are other reports of this event but also comming from unnamed sources from Russia or/and China...our source from Iran armed force could only confirm that last few months Iran is intensively negotiate with Russia,China but also with N.korea(whose delegation was in iran recently). He couldn't say anything about deal...
Now feel free to add your opinion to this,I will try to get confirmation of this from source I can quote but for now no one wants to be quoted,I succeed to get only few unofficial confirmations.
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Freedom Of Speech In The West


No secret that, in the West, even particle physicist, professor and researcher at the European Center For Nuclear Research (CERN), are thrown into jail for their opinion!

Indeed, not only all infectious deseases but also cancer can of course easily and without any pain be cured while continuing normal life, with the use of particle accelerators. Proton beams with carbon primer producing V particles (electron-decaying particles).

Below the quote from Dr Adlène Hicheur, a particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN):

Quote:Posted 03/08/2016

I had plans to create new courses on sustainable development, new energy, and treatment of cancer using proton beams and carbon ions

And for seven decades now, this is how the Pax Americana via its Paris occupation regime is crushing anyone who dares reveal this kind of forbiden truth:

Quote:Posted 03/08/2016

Hicheur, who has consistently denied any links with terrorists, had told The Wire in January this year that he paid a price for being a highly-educated Muslim in France. “People do not understand what it means to be a Muslim or a migrant in France these days. If you are an educated Muslim and doing well, they will bring you down. I was paraded as an example of a well-educated, self-radicalized and net-savvy terrorist. They wanted to punish me for my political opinions,” Hicheur had said in the exclusive interview.

[Image: 1648320896.gif][Image: 2925831350.gif]

[Image: Adlene-2.jpg?w=1024]
‘For Other Globalisation’ by Milton Santos to talk about the ”wicked characters” of globalisation.

[Image: Adlene-3-1.jpg?w=1024]
Adlene Hicheur supporters at a rally in Lyon in 2011, demanding his release from detention.

Source of the quotes full text:

Quote:Posted 03/08/2016

How Top Physicist Adlène Hicheur Has Become a Pawn in the Game of Terror

In the guise of “national interest”, Brazil has “deported” the former CERN scientist to France, where he has been placed under house arrest.

In February, just three months after a terror attack in Paris on November 13 last year, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report which revealed that the French government had “carried out abusive and discriminatory raids and house arrests against Muslims under its sweeping new state of emergency law”. France was placed under an emergency by President François Hollande a day after the carnage, which left 130 people dead, to “prevent further attacks”. But, the HRW report said, the emergency powers had “created economic hardship, stigmatized those targeted, and have traumatized children” of the country’s minorities – mostly Muslims from the former French colonies.

The New York-based HRW was not the only western organisation to expose the abuse of Muslims in France. An Amnesty International report, published in the same week, said that “hundreds have been left traumatised” as France had put “between 350 and 400 people under house arrest”, but “opened only five terrorism-related investigations”. Despite such damning reports from the top human rights groups, only a few media organisations bothered to investigate how Muslims in France were living in the state of emergency. While an Al Jazeera report exposed how the police was placing “restrictions on people’s movements so severely that they lost jobs and income, or suffered physically”, a TIME magazine article revealed how the new anti-terrorism power “allows police to obtain search warrants from municipal officials based on little information, rather than having to go to a judge with specific allegations”.

Since November 2015, France has been on a high alert – and in a state where a person can be locked up or put under house arrest on mere suspicion of having a link with a terrorist group.

The French connection

Adlène Hicheur has seen this movie before. In 2009, Hicheur was working with a European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) laboratory in Switzerland as a particle physics researcher, when he was arrested and thrown into prison for two-and-a-half years after being accused of association with an Al Qaida terrorist. The arrest of Hicheur, a French-Algerian, caused a global sensation. “Big Bang scientist charged with terror ties,” said a headline. Hicheur, who has consistently denied any links with terrorists, had told The Wire in January this year that he paid a price for being a highly-educated Muslim in France. “People do not understand what it means to be a Muslim or a migrant in France these days. If you are an educated Muslim and doing well, they will bring you down. I was paraded as an example of a well-educated, self-radicalized and net-savvy terrorist. They wanted to punish me for my political opinions,” Hicheur had said in the exclusive interview.

It was a controversial case in which he had the support of many renowned scientists and most of his colleagues. After being released from jail in 2012, he had nothing pending against him. Hicheur decided to move to Brazil to “rebuild his life and follow his passion: physics.”  He arrived in Brazil in 2013 as a visiting researcher at the Brazilian Centre for Physical Research (CBPF) with the recommendation of the LHCb experiment at CERN and the director of EPFL at Lausanne, where he was working at the time of his detention. After one year at the CBFP, he passed an exam to be visiting professor at Rio’s federal university (UFRJ). His life was coming back on track. Or so he thought.

After almost three years in Brazil, Hicheur’s ordeal is back to haunt him. Having been “deported” from Brazil on July 15, he is back in France, living at his parents’ house in Vienne, a pretty and historic town close to Lyon. But the beauty of the place is hardly an attraction to the scientist as he has been put under house arrest by the French police. He spends most of his time trying to understand the “trap set in the process of me being deported from Brazil to France”.

In Hicheur’s mind, he has been a victim of “illegal rendition”, a situation where a foreign national is handed over by a country without the permission of a judicial authority to their home country where they could face torture or are held in breach of their human rights. In an exclusive interview with The Wire, Hicheur says he was forced to leave for France against his will, without a right to appeal. Escorted by three Brazilian federal police officers on the plane to Paris, he was delivered as if “ordered by the French police”, says Hicheur, recalling the day the police came knocking at his door in Rio de Janeiro.

“I was sitting at my home, participating in the second Editorial Board reading of a paper I had recently prepared on the search for ‘annihilation decays of Bc mesons’. Someone knocked on my door and I interrupted the meeting to see who it was. An agent of the Federal Police told me that on the following Wednesday (July 20, 2016), I would need to go to the police office and that he would leave a paper in my mailbox with the time of the appointment.”

As soon as Hicheur went downstairs to check his mailbox, he saw a team of policemen in the building and a second team in the street. “One policeman approached me: ‘Sir, have you been informed of your deportation order?’. I said to him that it was impossible as my status was regular and legal. Then one of them answered: ‘It is a political decision coming directly from the minister of justice’, and my ordeal started all over again”.

According to a statement from the Brazilian government, a “summary deportation” is an extraordinary measure that is done when “national interest demands the immediate withdrawal of an individual because of the inconvenience of their presence in the country”.

But the deportation order signed by the Brazilian minister of justice Alexandre de Moraes has been described by experts as “arbitrary, full of illegalities, and a disguised illegal expulsion without the right to defence”. Vanessa Berner, a professor of law at UFRJ and coordinator of the Human Rights Laboratory, says the use of the word “deportation” is not correct in this case. “Under our deportation law, a person is sent to their country of origin or to another as per their consent, and it can only be done if the foreigner does not withdraw voluntarily from Brazil after being duly notified. A person can’t be sent to a country where there is threat to his life or freedom on account of race, nationality, religion or political opinion, according to the American Convention on Human Rights,” Berner told The Wire. “Hicheur was illegally expelled from the country.”

It was for a reason that Hicheur did not want to go to France. To him, it was clear that he was in danger of having his freedom restricted because of the emergency laws. “I was delivered illegally to France. I asked them to send me to Algeria. My Brazilian visa was granted on my Algerian passport. It was worse than illegal deportation. I was delivered to the French,” says Hicheur, talking to The Wire over Skype from Vienne.

Liberty and equality?

At the Rio airport, Hicheur was not treated as someone who was being deported but as a suspect who was being sent to another country on its request. “I only found out my final destination about 30 minutes before I was taken in a car directly to the aircraft. I was accompanied by three policemen who were with me until Paris,” says the physicist.

Hicheur’s Brazilian colleagues, who were present at the Rio airport through the day, confirm that he was treated as if being “delivered” by Brazil to France on request from that country. “I was shocked. It was in practice an illegal extradition without trial,” says Ignacio Bediaga, president of the National Network of High Energy Physics, who was at the airport along with the rector of the UFRJ, Roberto Leher, and the university vice chancellor, Denise Nascimento.

Their fears came true as soon as Hicheur landed in Paris.  “On my arrival in Paris, the French police took me directly from the plane and told me that I would be under house arrest due to the state of emergency.”

His freedom was gone in minutes. “All my documents have been taken. I only have a temporary identity card. I can’t cross the limits of Vienne.  I have to mark my presence three times a day at the local police station. I can’t go outside between 8pm and 6am. Any deviation from these measures means jail and/or a fine.”

France is in panic mode but it’s the people like Hicheur – a Muslim in the crosshairs of security agencies – who are also living in terror. “There is a feeling of fear in the air. Everybody is scared. The fact that you can be put under house arrest any time or picked by the police is not a very comfortable situation,” says Hicheur, speaking from his home in Vienne. “It’s a terrible feeling to lose all your freedom for nothing.”

The Brazilian police have expelled Hicheur from their country – for no reason – and the French have put him under the house arrest in their territory – again for no reason – but the scientific world continues to admire him as a brilliant mind that has made enormous contribution to particle physics in Brazil. During his stay in Rio, Hicheur impressed many with his sheer brilliance. In recent days, Hicheur worked on his second academic article in six months – a rarity. In an article for the extremely prestigious journal, Physical Review Letters, he wrote about a discovery made on the “process of disintegration of a rare subatomic particle, Bc”.

When arrested first time in 2009, Hicheur got support from the community of scientists from across the world. Now, as he is caged again, top physicists are standing by him. This week, in a letter signed by more than 40 Brazilian physicists, including Ronald Cintra Shellard, the CBPF director, and Sergio Resende, a former minister of science, the teachers expressed their solidarity to Hicheur. “We express our extreme concern with the process of arbitrariness deportation since it was done without any clear justification to UFRJ, the institution with which Hicheur has a valid work contract approved by its various boards,” said the letter.

A pawn in the game

The scientists are swearing by Hicheur’s research capability but in the bigger game he is apparently just a pawn. On July 15, the Brazilian federal police told him that his deportation was a “political decision”. But the note from the ministry of justice, says that the decision was based on a recommendation of the federal police, which had dismissed his application for the extension of his work permit in Brazil. This claim ignores the fact that his request for an extension of his work permit is still under consideration of the labour ministry. “At the airport, they tried in vain to make me sign a statement in which I accepted that I was illegal in Brazil,” says Hicheur.

There were several other indications suggesting that Brazil was in a hurry to hand Hicheur over to the French. At the airport on July 15, even as his colleagues were running around to find his status, the federal police gave wrong information to the UFRJ Teachers Union lawyer who was trying to file a petition in the Supreme Court to challenge his deportation. Before he could move the court, the federal police told the lawyer that the flight had already departed at 10pm, despite the fact that Hicheur was still on the ground. “The plane left at 11pm,” says Hicheur.

Hicheur’s “deportation” from Brazil has happened in a context. With Brazil set to host the Olympics next week, the new anti-terror law, approved by Brazil’s Congress just before President Dilma Rousseff was impeached, is coming into play. Widely criticised by human rights group, the new legislation allows anyone who is accused of committing or planning to commit crimes as minor as damage to public and private goods to be charged with terrorism. It’s no secret that Brazil adopted this law under pressure from western countries. While the debate on the Bill was going on, Brazil’s former finance minister Joaquim Levy and other members of the government had claimed the law is needed for Brazil to conform to the rules set by the Financial Action Task Force, an intergovernmental organisation founded by the G7 to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. They had argued that rejecting the law puts future foreign investments in Brazil at risk. This week, Brazil’s new defence minister confirmed that the law had been enacted under pressure from foreign governments, otherwise “Brazil could not host the Olympics”.

In this global game of terror, while Brazil seems keen to show its proximity to France even at the cost of violating the human rights of a top scientist, Hicheur’s country of origin – Algeria – is in denial mode. When contacted by The Wire to find out if the Algerian embassy would protest Hicheur’s deportation from Brazil, an embassy official in Brasilia said that he was not even “registered” with them. “Mr Adlène Hicheur is not registered in the consular services of the Embassy of Algeria in Brazil and had no contact with our embassy during his stay in Brazil,” said the embassy in an email. “It’s a huge lie,” says Hicheur, displaying an official document to The Wire that clearly shows he had registered as an Algerian national at the embassy.

The Algerian embassy’s response worries Hicheur as, fearing violation of his rights in France, he had requested to be sent to Algeria. “You can imagine what would be my situation in Algeria. This is very disturbing. I am afraid worse things will happen in the coming days,” says Hicheur.

His fears are not baseless. Hicheur carries two passports but is almost like a state-less person. He has a work permit for Brazil, but has been forced to leave the country. On Wednesday, Hicheur’s appeal against his house arrest was rejected by a French tribunal. Now, he will be under house arrest for next six months – till the emergency is lifted in France. With restrictions on his movements and living under the gaze of police, he is feeling trapped in a situation where he fears further violation of human rights.

Hicheur seems to be caught in an absurd game where suspicion and fear feed each other. In Brazil, he was seen with suspicion because of his past in France. That also probably became the basis for his expulsion from the country. Now, France is treating him like a suspect because of his deportation from Brazil. That is also the official reason for him being under house arrest. “This is a proof that this case was made with the objective of targeting me. It is to finish my future,” says Hicheur.

The experience has also made him a bit bitter about Brazil, where he tried to make contribution to teaching and research. “I dedicated my whole self to honour my commitments. I had plans to create new courses on sustainable development, new energy, and treatment of cancer using proton beams and carbon ions,” he says. “And look how I am treated. All my colleagues are witness to my enthusiastic engagement in building something important in Brazil,” he adds, with a tinge of sadness in his voice.

But Hicheur is not giving up on his passion: physics. He recalls the words of one of the Brazilian police officers who escorted him from his apartment in Rio to the airport. “I do not agree with what they are doing to you. I know you have an important job in our country,” the policeman told him on the way to airport.

Now, far from Brazil and under house arrest in France, Hicheur will continue his scientific collaboration with CERN and the UFRJ. “They want to destroy my career and my life, but I will not let my passion for physics die,” says Hicheur. “I can’t let them win this game.”

[Image: Adlene.jpg?w=800]
An old photograph of his CERN days from Adlène Hicheur’s personal album


Freedom of of expression in the West? France as a notorious breading ground and exporter of genocidal racist islamophobic ideologies, better behave itself!

[Image: rJvYYuA.jpg] ;
1. Brenton Harrison Tarrant brainwashed by French far-right islamophobic ideology: FARSNEWS.

[Image: 5.gif]
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India's 27 March 2019 First ASAT Test V1.3

First posted 27 March 2019; Updated 10 April 2019

Table of Contents

1. Key Data
2. A Strong Unveiled Outer Space Message From Modi To Xi
3. A Veiled Message From Israel To Iran
4. Conclusion

Key Data

Quote:Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:09:21 +0000

 the launch site was Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Island which ties in with the image posted.

[Image: 7sZI16R.jpg] ;
▲ 1. The launch site was Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Island

Quote:Wed, 27 Mar 2019 07:24:56 -0400

the most likely target of India's #ASAT test was Microsat-r (2019-006A). My analysis shows the test must have happened near 5:40 UT when the sat was moving northwards towards Abdul Kalam:

[Image: AYMhKBj.jpg]

Quote:3:02 AM - 27 Mar 2019

MICROSAT-R, in a 260 x 282 km, 89.9 deg orbit. Would have been ascending over NOTAM area at ~0530 UTC, within the 0430-0830 UTC window. It should have been operational, facilitating tracking.

[Image: 8y2fvpj.jpg] ;
▲ 3. Target satellite MICROSAT-R on 27 March 2019 at 5:36 UTC
  • MICROSAT-R satellite listed with a launch mass of 740 kg. It was just launched on 24 January 2019, as optical remote sensing satellite.
  • The Fengyun 1C weather satellite that China destroyed in 2007 was 750 kg.
A Strong Unveiled Outer Space Message From Modi To Xi

By adding the flight path of the Chinese OS-M1 maiden flight with the satellite Lingque-1B from Jiuquan SLC launched just four hours latter, on March 27, 2019 at 09:39 UTC.

With the NAVAREA issued for the experimental flight trial scheduled from 27 March 2019, 4:30 to 8:30 UTC.

It is obvious that the message was intended to President Xi.

And this means that in case of a military conflict, China will no longer be able to easily replace lost satellites with rapid reaction launchers such as previously thought, by using CZ-11 SLV or the new new OS-M1 SLV. Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) satellite launches that must overflight the Bay of Bengal would be intercepted before any payload could be delivered into space.

For now, peace is the only viable option for the two Asian Giants, as demonstrated over the last 12 millenia of coexistence.

[Image: 7B1duys.jpg] ;
▲ 4. Chinese OS-M1 maiden flight with the satellite Lingque-1B from Jiuquan SLC

[Image: UPJgJkP.jpg] ;
▲ 5. Indian NAVAREA issued for the experimental flight trial scheduled from 27 March 2019, 4:30 to 8:30 UTC

[Image: 4ckVPiz.jpg] ;
▲ 6. Indian message intended to President Xi.

A Veiled Message From Israel To Iran

Despite all Indian claims that this ASAT weapon system was the fruit of an entire indigenous effort, it is strongly suspected that Israel has simply outsourced its ASAT testing in the Indian subcontinent, as for all previous other space systems, due to its own geographical limitations, as always.

Therefore, this new ASAT capability of Israel can only target one opponent, namely Iran.

Quote:Indigenous ASAT Beyond India's Capability

2019-04-01 08:14:55

In recent years, Russia has resumed the deployment of Cold War era-type anti-missile system, upgraded to the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system, and still uses hydrogen bomb anti-missile.

The Soviet Union and Russia can't develop KKV anti-missile. It shows the technical difficulty of direct kinetic collision and killing. This shows once again that the conventional explosion-killing satellite is not feasible. 

This is because, assuming that the speed of the anti-missile missile is 8 kilometers per second, the warhead to be struck is also 8 kilometers per second. In fact, the relative speed is added up to 16 kilometers per second, that is, the sum of the speeds of the two sides is 16 kilometers per second (equivalent to 48 times the speed of sound).

This speed is far faster than the explosion of explosives, and even the world's most powerful non-nuclear explosive.

With new generation of explosives such as CL-20 with 10 times the explosive power of TNT, the blasting detonation speed is only 9600 m/s, far less than the speed of 16,000 meters per second when the anti-missile missile and the incoming warhead meet. 

It is impossible for the anti-missile missile to explode in front of the incoming nuclear warhead. The explosion speed of the explosion cannot catch up with the speed at which the warhead and the target are added.

The most effective anti-ballistic missile system is the direct collision and destruction, which is the KKV direct collision system, but this system is extremely difficult, and even Russia can not do it.

It’s hard to believe that India’s gap between India and Russia in space technology is well known. How is it possible? 

Kinetic interceptor collisions with satellites and missiles are very difficult technologies, thus many “faked” tests in the United States.

Simply put, it adopts the "left-hand claps own right-hand" approach, setting beacons on both anti-missile missiles and target missiles. Just like children playing cat and mouse games, the mouse shouts "I am here, I am here !". 

This is impossible in real combat situation. Will any real intercontinental ballistic missiles be set up with a beacon to let you know its flight parameters?

Top US scientists have urged the Congress to no longer allocate funds for ground-based missile defense systems, saying that the system could not achieve defense against real attacks. In a letter, they said that the fund should be cancelled before the system can prove its capabilities in simulating real-life tests. 

India does not have a complete industrial system. It is a country where bullets are imported, and its indigenous-development research ability is extremely poor. It took decades to develop a tank and a fighter. The military rejected the self-developed fighter. Like the Arjun tank, it was discovered that it could not be loaded by train because it was too wide. Almost all of India's aircraft, missiles, artillery, and tanks need to be imported. It is hard to believe that India can develop a world-class technology such as KKV that is so sophisticated.

Currently, only the United States and China can use Kinetic Kill Vehicle to intercept ballistic missiles. Europe, Japan, and Russia can’t do it. 

In October 2018, the Indian Express reported that India recently launched a supersonic anti-missile interceptor and successfully shot down a simulated ballistic missile at a height of 15 kilometers above the Bay of Bengal. India particularly emphasizes that the maximum flight speed of the anti-missile is 4.5 Mach. This Shakti Mission Anti-satellite missile requires a speed of 8 km/s or Mach 24 according to common sense. From last year to this year, the progress needed is so huge, that the probability is unlikely.

[Image: greenpine.png?w=640&ssl=1] ;
▲ 7. Unlike most radars used by Indian forces, the Swordfish is capable of successfully detect, track and stop inbound ballistic missile threats.
India had acquired and deployed two Green Pine radars around July 2002 and another one in August 2005. The Swordfish Long Range Tracking Radar of the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation is an acknowledged derivative of the original Green Pine.
The Indian government has sought to purchase the complete Arrow system since 1999, but in early 2002 the U.S. vetoed Israel’s request to sell the Arrow 2 missiles to India,exercising its right as a major funding contributor. U.S. officials argued that the sale would violate the Missile Technology Control Regime.
Swordfish is an acknowledged derivative of the Israeli Green Pine long range radar, which is the critical component of that country’s Arrow missile defence system. However, it differs from the Israeli system as it employs Indian Transmit Receive modules, signal processing, computers and power supplies. It is also more powerful than the base Green Pine system and was developed to meet India’s specific BMD needs.

Quote:Arrow-3 Could Be Adapted for Anti-Satellite Role

November 9, 2009

Israel’s planned Arrow-3 high-altitude ballistic missile defense system could relatively easily be adapted to destroy Iranian spy satellites if and when Tehran manages to deploy high-resolution orbiting vehicles, military space experts here say.
renewed calls here not only to protect Israeli assets in space, but also to deny space-based intelligence collection by enemy states. 
The agile, exoatmospheric, hit-to-kill Arrow-3 interceptor being developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) of Lod, Israel, and Chicago-based Boeing Co. is inherently multirole, and could be adapted, if needed, for A-Sat roles, said retired Maj. Gen. Yitzhik Ben-Israel, chairman of the Israel Space Agency.

Indeed, Safir-2-e-Payam-Amir-Kabir SLV launch could succeed within a year from now (2019), thus making the Israeli threats ever more real!


As of March 2019, Iran has few to no space assets in orbit. These would anyway be sitting ducks in face of this new Israeli threats.

Iran should therefore skip any attempt at further deploying strategic space assets into orbit, and instead put emphasis on near-space platform, such as UAVs that don't follow a predictable flight path.

In addition, Iran should also send a strong signal to Israel, that has deployed so many paper tigers into space, by outsourcing its own ASAT testing to North Korea the way Israel outsource its own to India, and thus preserving the economic benefits of the J.C.P.O.A.

Thus, on the occasion of the upcoming Day Of The Sun during the week of 15 April 2019, the DPRK could instead of attempting a first suborbital manned spaceflight, demonstrate an interception of its own retired Kwangmyongsong-3#2 satellite that still orbits in a 500 km altitude Sun synchronous Orbit, with an Iranian designed Kinetic Kill Vehicle (KKV), I called Pongae-7 KKV (번개7호, 閃電7號: Lightning-7) for more clarity, launched atop a two stages liquid propellant Hwasong-15 Tel ICBM!

[Image: 2015100506189903.jpg] ; ; ;  2016/04/03 ; 북의 S-300급 번개5호의 위력
7. On May 3, 2012, the First Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Un visited the KPAAF and the Air Defence Command Forces and examined the latest SAM launcher that was temporarily displayed at the headquarters front office. In the photo above, the launcher, which was only partially shown in the profile, was equipped with a Lightning-6 SAM. It is on par with the world's top-rated Russian S-400. Since the detection distance of the state-of-the-art phased array radar associated with the Russian S-400 launch system is 600 km, the detection distance of the state-of-the-art phased array radar associated with the Lightning-6 launch system is estimated to be 600 km. 

[Image: QJsZjBp.jpg] ; ;
8. Example of a favorable pass of Kwangmyongsong-3#2 satellite over Tonghae SLC, suitable for an optimized ASAT interception, on WED 3 April 2019, at 08:45 UTC
ID: 39026 2012-072A KMS 3-2
N:40.85° E:130.33° A:464.74km
AZ:97.21°(E) EL:79.25° D:472.46km PA:90.70°

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]
by admin at 03-27-2019, 12:45 PM
Damavand 77 warship images are used for reference only....Images are from irand_defansive_power instagram profile
by Galactic Penguin SST at 03-26-2019, 02:30 AM
12'000 Years Of World Population By Nation

Very interesting while never seen before (read: censored) animated graphic on 12'000 years of world demography.

Out of 12 millenia, Iran only disappears from the top 20 nations, at the turn of the 18th century, and reemerging after the end of the Cold War!

Who is to be blamed?...[Image: 1.gif]

[Image: 24.gif][Image: 792043262.gif] ;
1. Population Through the Ages. 
12'000 years of population estimates are from the History Database of the Global Environment (HYDE).

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]
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