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Allof them can be good.But mostly rather horrible
@mustavaris depends on what social media you use to be honest... For example Twitter is very good for breaking news and you can follow only people you know are knowledgeable and high quality.
Good to see you!
Thank you
@kasaeed Welcome to Iran military Forum,hope you'll enjoy
Salaam Aliakum all
Socisl media is crap. You can never find old topics and it is just endless bar brawl
PDF is toilet indeed
Just got other hobbies and stuff to do after IMF died, never wanted to join PDF toilet forum
@mustavaris the forum concept is slowly dying in favour of social media sites. I think one reason this place is so quiet is that there's no trolls... No-one to fight and disagree with! ?
@persian gulf I will check what is haping with your account
I'm also inactive but still around
Sad to see this inactivity. Seems to plague almost all forums
Salam, sometimes when I open the website (such as for an hour before now) it said I am banned? But I didn't get any warnings and what would I be banned for?
that sounds very good, mamnoon Smile
We have already google recaptcha+security question+e-mail activation,manual activation is good but only admin can approve it and I don't want to make real users suffer because of spamers,I will add one my custom code snuppet to register/log in form that will make some checks in background without visible interactions...that should do the job
i understand, but i suggest individual approval for new accounts before they can post can help (and maybe restrictions on creating threads for new members?) Smile
This is my mistake,these spamers are from yesterday,when I banned their accounts yesterday I didnt saw ban was only 24 hours,not permament..I was on my phone...
No one ever stoped spam 100%,what we need is admin and mods available 24 hours,I send invitation to 3 of my friends and they will take few hour per day...
Why so many spam accounts/threads? Perhaps need to change verification process for new accounts?
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